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All bulls selling for $3000 or more are guaranteed against breeding injury for the first breeding season. The breeding season is from turn-out and 90 days after. This guarantee does not cover death. Notification of injury will need to be reported immediately. All bulls have had a breeding examination. All semen tested, foot rot, pink-eye and breeding shots. A vet examination may be needed. Credit will be determined by cost of the bull bought minus salvage value minus $1500 deductible.


Price of Bull bought $3500
Salvage Value - $1000
Deductible - $1500
Credit = $1000

If a bull is available then one will be provided or can you credit towards the following years bull crop for sale. Only one bull per credit.

Bulls can be housed until April 15th for no extra cost. After that date it be $3/hd/day. We will care for the bulls as they are our own but if injured they are not guaranteed. Delivery is available for no cost up to 90 miles.