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OUR Program

We are not your everyday seedstock producer. We take pride in the direction that we are going with our program. Our cattle work for us. We sell 18 month and 2 year old bulls. We do that so we can let them grow at their own pace without being pushed so hard they fall apart for the customer. This allows their bone structure to grow with their weight. You will not see the “HUGE” weights from our bulls and they are never pushed to get sloppy fat. We background our commercial herd calves and have seen great results with gains from them.

Our program is very big on maturnial traits. Without efficient and productive cows, we won’t have many cattle herds left. Our cattle need to be able to withstand -20 degree winters and 110 degree summers. We select for bone and foot structure, utter quality, docility, and easy fleshing. Our programs number #1 priority is our customers.

Fall Herd

Our fall herd is year round grazing with minimal hay supplement. We calve them out in September/October on grass. We do not creep feed any of our calves while on grass. The calves are weaned in mid-late April and brought into a small paddock where they are on a high forage diet with minimal corn for 45-60 days. After that, the bulls are then moved to a pasture where they graze until October. We supplement them with protein tubs and salt and mineral. Still “NO” creep feed is provided. After grazing they are brought back to the ranch were they are placed back in the same small paddock and fed a ration of cane, WDG, and corn to gain 2.5lbs a day.

Spring Herd

Our spring herd is treated just like our commercial spring herd. We calve them out in April/May. They cows are ran on stalks all winter until March, and then brought home for calving. We wean calves at the end of October. No creep feed is given out on grass. The bulls are fed a high forage diet with minimal corn for 45-60 days and then moved to a small paddock where we feed them a slow growing ration until June. From there on out the spring and fall bulls are ran together and cared for the same.