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Dear Past, Present, & Future Customers,

            I personally want to thank every producer that is in the cattle industry. It is not any easy task, and we are a small population with a lot of knowledge,grit, and heart. This year's bulls were raised no different than any other year. They were all weaned, and then kicked out to grass to graze and grow in June. As many of you know and experienced yourself, moisture was very limited this past year. Unfortunately the bulls did not stay out on grass as long as usual to preserve the grass. First and foremost we are stewards of the grass. Without it we have nothing. With that being said, we also did not have any extra stocks to run them on this winter either. The bulls were brought home early and we had to start feeding them. We still did not push these bulls. I will go to my grave believing that an overfed bull is worthless to a true cattle producer. These bulls are in their working clothes and will continue to grow for you all while breeding. Many of you that are reading this know our program, and how we believe the cattle should work for us as producers. When you look through the information on some of these bulls you will see some 85+lb BWs. Let me reassure you, not a single one of these bulls had to be pulled. I take great pride when I visit with producers and tell them that we very seldom (Maybe 1-3 out of heifers) pull any calves. Our time is worth something and we cannot expect ourselves to be our best version if we are having to live out amongst the herd all of the calving season. If you have any questions on the bulls, please give me a call. I could talk about cattle and good genetics all day. God Bless you all.

Lincoln Pochop
Cell (785) 626-6132

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